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Step Up Funding works with companies located in the Silicon Valley and other areas located within 50 miles of Menlo Park, California.


If you think you are ready to start looking for investors and would like to talk to Step Up about our services, please call us at (650) 330-1141 or send us some information and we'll contact you shortly.


If emailing, please provide your:

1)  Name, address, phone, email

2)  Executive Summary (not more than 1 page) that includes your:

     Business Overview – short, crisp description of your product or business and the problem it solves.

     Team – brief background on each of the senior executive team members

     Target Markets – who will you sell your product to and what is the size of the market or markets.

     Competition – are there any other companies addressing the issue you plan to?  How will your idea be different?

     Capital Needs – how much capital do you plan to raise in this round and how do you plan to use the capital?  How much capital

     have you raised so far and when did you raise it?

Email the information to:


Thank You! We will follow-up with you shortly.


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