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Step Up Funding accelerates the investment process so you can focus on growing your business

Start-ups come, start-ups go. It's amazingly complicated to succeed. If you have experienced people on your side to help you, you will have a better chance. We've been through the fund raising stage and know what's involved. Let us be your advisors on how to get much needed money so you'll have money to grow your business.



Benefits of Using Step Up Funding


Spend more time on growing your business

We take a lot of preparation off your plate and then do a dry run with you on due-diligence


Increase your knowledge of the funding process and become better prepared to approach investors

We provide coaching and honest feedback


Potentially save money on legal fees

If you have an attorney, we can help by pinpointing services needed, which can save on legal fees


Improve your funding chances and negotiating win-win terms

We help you become familiar with the convertible note and terms before approaching investors



Once your business attracts investors, being better prepared can help you close the deal

Let Step Up Funding Help